Alexandra Headland Skatepark Upgrade

Alexandra Headland Skatepark Upgrade

Major upgrades to the skate park at Alexandra Headland are currently underway. These improvements will include elements to suit skaters, BMX riders and scooter riders of all ability levels – with a split level advanced bowl, mini bowl and stair set among the key design features.

New design features will include:

  • A combination-style park with features for both street and transition users
  • Split level advanced bowl with a depth of 6ft – 8ft and an extension up to 9ft
  • 4ft mini bowl
  • 5ft quarter pipe and 3ft quarter bowl
  • Kicker to kicker with A-frame rail
  • A stage located under the existing Norfolk Island pine tree, plus seating and shade, offering opportunities for community events within the precinct. 

The upgrade is expected to be completed in late November 2017.

This will certainly further enhance the facilities on the Alexandra Headland beachside parklands area.

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